About US

About Us

At CodeArt we understand the challenges faced by the business in managing data.Our focus is to help companies in their digital journey by providing solutions in data science & deep learning. We focus on quick to market customized solutions by understanding the precise requirement of our clients. We focus on providing an environment where our employees feel empowered and customers feel worthy.

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Leveraging world-class AI and Software expertise, industry experience and technological tools, we can help you plan an AI business and data strategy that builds on the unique strengths and expertise of your business. Our AI enablement tools save you time in the necessary steps of labelling data and training AI models. And we'll work with you to implement governance, train your people and assemble data and technology to scale to your full AI ambition. Our motto is not only making our clients happy, rather making their customers happy, we know which is key to any business’s great success. Especially in mobile world, understanding ever-changing user intent is of vital importance. We assure registering an identity for you in your field.